Temple Fortune Football Club – one of the longest running clubs in Maccabi football – will be running three teams during the 2017/18 season. The First Team and Second Team will be competing in the Maccabi GB Southern Football League (MGBSFL, formerly the MSFL), whilst the Old Boys will participate in the Maccabi Masters Football League (MMFL), an over 43s competition set up in 1999 with Temple Fortune being founder members.

The Club is run by a Management Committee which is basically split into two; one part looks after the general behind-the-scenes running of the Club, whilst the other will be supervising the playing side. This format has served the Club very successfully over the years. Together the serving officers represent a very experienced Management Committee which will strive to maintain Temple Fortune’s reputation of being a friendly, well run Club during the coming season.

Temple Fortune's First Team will be playing the majority of home matches at Silver Jubilee Park, Townsend Lane, Kingsbury NW9, which is a Bostik League (formerly Ryman League) Premier Division stadium, where we have use of an excellent 3G pitch and clubhouse. The cost of the hiring this venue is the reaosn why First Team weekly match subs are more than the other two teams.

The Second Team will mainly be based at the
Roger Bannister Sports Centre whilst the Old Boys Team will play at numerous venues hired by the Masters League which are usually the new generation astrograss surfaces.

Membership is important within the Club and we offer two different types for the majority of players who wish to join. Full Membership and Casual Membership details can be found by clicking on the Membership link. A weekly match subscription fee is payable by each player prior to each game to help with the general Club expenses such as pitch and referee fees. Reductions are available for students and the unemployed.

A major requirement for all players joining the Club is that they must sign the Membership Declaration Form agreeing to abide by the Rules & Regulations and Code of Conduct of the Club. Through this important obligatory membership requirement, the Management Committee is able to generally control discipline at a reasonable level. The authority is in place for them to 'wield the axe', so to speak, if necessary in compliance with the Rules & Regulations and Code of Conduct. Forms can be downloaded and printed off from this website. Members are asked to read the Advice to Players section and also the Six of the Best page.

Discipline really goes hand in hand with the Code of Conduct which members are expected to adhere to throughout the season. Players causing fines to be imposed on the Club must cover the cost, including surcharges, themselves.

Team selection is undertaken by the Team Manager, who is assisted by the Team Secretary where applicable, for both teams. The elevens are normally selected primarily on merit, although a rotational system can apply if thought appropriate due to the size of the squad of players. As a general rule, particularly applicable once the traditional membership deadline expires in October, priority will be given to Full Members, whilst Casual Members will be used as 'fill-ins' when required rather than when available, particularly when either team is short.

Temple Fortune’s good standing as a long-running Maccabi club has attracted sponsorship over many years – and this season is no exception. This means that the two teams will be using superb playing kits during the current season. The Club provides shirts, shorts and socks. Other items must be provided by individual players, such as protective cycling or thermal pants which MUST match the colour of the appropriate team’s shorts. Shinpads too must be brought along and worn during all matches. Each team has a set of 'clash' shirts ready for use in case a change is required at away matches so there is no need for players to bring their own white T-shirts which is the case with a few other Maccabi teams!

Apart from competing in the MGBSFL and MMFL, Temple Fortune's First and Second Teams will take part in various cup competitions, namely the Cyril Anekstein Cup and possibly the MGBSFL Barry Goldstein Minor Cup or MMFL/MGBSFL Invitation Trophy if held or if we are invited to participate. The Old Boys Team will compete in the Nathan Horowitz Division 2 Cup, in which they have reached the semi-finals on several occasions in recent years.

Additional competitions include the TFFC Founders’ Shield, an inter-Club event which has been contested for over 30 years, and the Jack Kyte Challenge Cup match which has been held since 2004.

The Club has a Facebook page which players are invited to join, and also a Twitter page which is used infrequently for major 'breaking news'. WhatsApp has also become useful for more casual communication – there is a TFFC WhatsApp group for MGBSFL players (First Team and Second Team) which, as a forum for players to enjoy, carries entertaining banter and often info which players may need to know – such as a postponement or change of venue etc. If you wish to join the group, contact Simon Linden for details.

Should you have any queries or footballing problems, please feel free to contact any member of the Management Committee who have been elected to serve the Club and help you. On each issue of The Fortune News, you'll find a list of Officers and their contact details.

For team selection matters, including unavailability, injury, travel issues etc, contact the appropriate Team Secretary. For more general TFFC-related issues, such as Club information, membership, the website or social media, contact Nigel Kyte (main Club contact), via the Club email on