An important message to Temple Fortune players: Please make every effort to read the following information and carefully follow the important advice given. That way you will keep your football cheaper!
Needless to say, communication and information is all-important between management and players. Most communication will be done by email but for general information, the Club does have a Facebook page which players are invited to join, and also a Twitter page which is used infrequently for major 'breaking news'.

WhatsApp has also become useful for more casual communication – there is a TFFC WhatsApp group for MGBSFL players (First Team and Second Team) which, as a forum for players to enjoy, carries entertaining banter and often info which players may need to know – such as a postponement or change of venue etc. If you wish to join the group, contact Simon Linden for details.

The Rules of the Club state that ''selection shall be based on merit, and the decisions of the Team Selectors shall be accepted without dispute by all concerned, subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Club' (extracted). We know full well that generally speaking – as is the case with any team at any club at any level – there are more players in the squad wanting to play each week than can be taken to any particular fixture. Team selection is a very difficult task for the managers and everybody must appreciate this. We ask for all players to be patient and understanding.

If selected, players will normally be notified of match details by the Wednesday or Thursday prior to the fixture. Those with computers may be notified by email and are asked to confirm by return that they have received the message. Always acknowledge the receipt of match details if a message has been left when you’re out.

Please confirm the arrangements so that the Team Secretary or Assistant Secretary know for sure that you will be there, rather than guessing. It is not the Club’s policy to contact those players who are NOT selected for a team, mainly due to the number of calls which would be required on a weekly basis to cover the whole squad. If you haven’t heard by late in the week, you are advised to contact the Team Secretary or his Assistant.

Players are expected to respond to email messages promptly – not doing this is seen as discourteous and a Club fine could be imposed if any offence is considered to be in breach of the Code of Conduct.

On matchday, always arrive at the meeting place or directly at the ground, ON TIME. Unless directed otherwise (ie. asked to arrive earlier), each player should be present at the venue at least 30 minutes
prior to kick-off

Arriving at 9.31am at the ground for a 10.00 start is LATE. Arriving at 9.46am at the ground for a 10.15 start is LATE. Unpunctuality leads to anxiety and aggravation, apart from leaving no time to prepare for the match – for example, adequate warming-up. Lateness is inconsiderate and annoying.

It must be pointed out that players may be fined for turning up late even if a fine is avoided. Depending on how late the game starts and the amount of the fine imposed by the league, the fine for causing a late kick-off is either £10 or £15.

Be certain to pay the match subscription fee prior to kick-off with the correct money, which is now £10 per player per match for the First Team, and £8 per player per match for the Second Team and Old Boys Team. Please avoid small change and large bank notes!

A Club fine could be imposed if any non-payment is considered to be in breach of the Code of Conduct; the Team Secretary or Manager is entitled to drop any player who falls behind with paying his subs.

The Club has always provided full playing kit for its teams. It is essential that you wear the correct team colours in all matches, otherwise the team could be fined. Just one wrongly coloured pair of shorts, for instance, will be reported by the referee on his report sheet (which has a specific section covering improper kit.)

A Club fine could be imposed if any offence is considered to be in breach of the Code of Conduct.

Never, never leave valuables in the dressing room. This includes expensive items of clothing such as Reebok trainers or leather jackets. There have been several cases in the past of changing room break-ins. Locked dressing rooms do not necessarily guarantee the safety of your possessions, especially at ‘away’ venues. Often it is best practice to bring your bags to the pitchside.

Apart from bringing your subs to the dressing room, you are advised to leave all other valuables at home. You have been warned!

Help to carry items of playing equipment to the pitch, ie. balls, first-aid kit, corner flags, etc. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Needless to say, this item goes hand in hand with punctuality. You are strongly advised to give yourself plenty of time to warm up properly prior to kick-off. Cold muscles can cause damaging sprains and strains, especially early on in a match.

Good preparation is essential so ensure that you arrive early enough to pay your subs, change without rushing and, most importantly, have adequate time to WARM UP.

Ensure that you wear shinpads during every match. Referees will not let you play without them, a FIFA directive which will be enforced.

If you need to wear protective cycling or thermal garments, make sure that they match the colour of the team’s shorts. Referees will instruct you to remove cycling/thermal garments if they are the wrong colour. This is now officially part of the Laws of the Game and, like shinpads, referees will enforce this FIFA directive.

The First Team will be wearing NAVY shorts, the Second Team will be wearing YELLOW shorts and the Old Boys Team will be wearing RED shorts.

Don’t treat this flippantly because some referees really will make you remove wrong coloured cycling or thermal pants. If you are unable to get yellow or red protective garments, you are advised to speak to the referee before the match, explaining the problem. He is more likely to permit them than if you simply wear them regardless and hope he doesn't notice after the match has started! However, if he asks you to remove the wrongly coloured protective garments, you MUST comply, or be asked to leave the pitch which is within the referee's juristiction.

Remember that referees will not tolerate misconduct on the field, particularly dissent and foul language. Carefully read the Code of Conduct and ensure that your conduct and sportsmanship remains excellent during each match. A caution will cost you £12 whilst the current fine for a sending off is between £27 and £90 in addition to a suspension of between 1 to 6 matches (depending on the severity of the offence).

NEVER pull down a player through on goal or handle the ball deliberately to prevent a goal... it will lead to a red card, a £27 fine and a suspension! You may prevent a goal but YOU will have to pay the fine and suffer the suspension, so the Club's advice is that it is not worth it!

Dissent – the cancer of Maccabi football – will not be tolerated and carries an automatic £12 fine. Just one word to the referee which is interpreted as dissent, such as "rubbish!", will incur a £12 fine. There are no excuses for showing dissent – if you have a go at the ref, you pay the resulting fine. It’s as simple as that!

If the League adopt the newly trialled 'sin bin' procedure for anyone showing DISSENT, players will be fined £12 for being sin-binned, as if it was a normal caution. A sin bin means that the team are reduced by one man for ten minutes – a needlessly intolerable situation for the TEAM itself.

NEVER give a wrong or false name when being booked or sent off or you’ll get a lengthy ban and £45 fine!

Take the time to carefully read the Code of Conduct information (see next item), which lists the expected punishments for players involved in misconduct during the season.

The Club has a Code of Conduct which lists what is expected from all Members, in addition to the penalties any offender will receive for incurring yellow cards or red cards. Players are urged to carefully read and be aware of this Code, if only to ensure that fines do not have to be imposed on them. There are numerous specified Club offences carrying fines ranging from £5 to £20. In the Yellow Cards and Red Card sections there are several others covering all cautionable and sending-off offences.

The fine for any caution for unsporting behaviour (which is the most frequent reason for a yellow card during a match) is £12, whilst dissent is also £12 as previously mentioned.

A suspension will start SEVEN days after the red card offence in most cases.

If you get booked, sent off or collect a Club fine, you must send the appropriate payment promptly to the General Secretary once notified within 14 days. For some offences – not cautions incidently – players may appeal in writing within 7 days of the fine imposition.

Delay in paying a fine for misconduct – a breach of the Conditions of Membership – will incur an indefinite suspension being imposed until the fine is paid in full. The message is PAY OR DO NOT PLAY.

After the match, please help to return playing equipment to the dressing room. Ensure that you look after any item left in your possession. Players often immediately leave the pitch without any regard for the playing equipment provided for them. Leaving a ball, for example, on the pitch, in the dressing room or in your car boot does not benefit anyone and can incur a fine from the League.

Collecting a corner flag if you are the nearest player when the full time whistle sounds would be appreciated. Always return equipment in your care for the next game. If you’re not available, make sure you pass any item to another player who will be playing in the next match. The Club fine for a missing first aid kit or match ball is £5.

Always place your soiled kit in the kit bag, and NOT the dressing room floor. Do not take home your individual shirt, shorts and socks to wash yourself. The kit must be kept together as one. A player may be fined for splitting up the playing kit – it is simply NOT PERMITTED. A kit washing allowance equal to the weekly match subscription normally payable applies to a player having the responsibility of washing the kit.

A Club fine could be imposed if any offence is considered to be in breach of the Code of Conduct.

The playing kit must always be WARM washed – we stress WARM washed – never hot washed. You must NEVER iron or tumbledry any item. It must be pointed out that heat will damage the shirts in particular and will make the coloured dyes in the socks run. Replacing one shirt costs approximately £25 so please make sure you take care when washing the kit.

The Club will not accept negligence when being responsible for kit washing – any damage done will have to be replaced. A set of 15 shirts will cost approximately £375 to replace (including printing and numerals), whilst a player mislaying an entire kit will have to pay around £600 for its full replacement. So always take great care of the playing kit in your possession.

Never assume that a match will be postponed for bad weather, how ever poor the conditions may be. Sometimes matches are played in absolutely awful weather and your team-mates will not appreciate it if you haven't bothered to turn up. If in doubt, find out.

There may be occasions, particularly at ‘away’ fixtures requiring early travel, when matches are called off after players have left their homes; such instances are unfortunately unavoidable and we apologise in advance should anything like this happen during the season. Sometimes, we are not helped by opposing teams who fail to inform us early enough if there is a postponement.

If you cannot play because of unavailability including injury, always inform the Team Secretary or his Assistant well in advance if at all possible. Have the decency to let him know of any problems when they arise. For instance, if you have a groin strain following the previous Sunday’s fixture, inform the Team Secretary as soon as possible and give an update during the week, in case he has to find a replacement.

A call out of the blue on Saturday night that you’re not fit is most unhelpful and causes immediate and obvious problems. The same can be said for weddings and stonesettings, etc. Have the decency to let the Team Secretary know as soon as possible after you have found out the relevant details.

As part of the affiliation to the London Football Association, the Club is now obliged to join the National Game Insurance Scheme offering Football Group Personal Accident Insurance cover to our members. The company arranging the insurance is Sportsguard who also have arranged TFFC's public liability insurance via the London FA. The policy document is available in PDF format and should be read thoroughly.

Should you wish to increase your own individual cover, please feel free to contact Sportsguard directly to discuss your personal needs with them. More details: Website • telehone number: 01604 644277

Please telephone or email the General Secretary if you are moving home and give details of your new address and telephone number. Although pretty much obvious, it needs to be said that if you don’t notify a change of phone number then there’s a strong possibility that you will not be contacted! And that doesn’t exactly help either you or the team.

So please ensure that the General Secretary of Temple Fortune FC is on your list of ‘persons/organisations to contact’ when moving home.

You can keep tabs on your team's fixtures, results, appearances and goalscorers via the team pages located on the left side of the home page of the TFFC website. You'll see the FIRST TEAM, SECOND TEAM and OLD BOYS TEAM, all linked separately. There are links to the MSFL and Masters tables located bottom left on the home page.

If you're one to study the number of games played by yourself or team-mates, you'll be pleased to know that appearances are updated regularly. Simply visit the team pages via the home page and look out for the Appearances link.

On a regular basis during the football season, the Club will distribute its newsletter, entitled TFN (The Fortune News) via the website, in addition to other informative emails. The link for the newsletter will be emailed each week after the latest issue has gone live. However, you can find the newsletter under Players' Section / Club Membership / The Fortune News via the red drop-down menu on the home page.

Please ensure that you carefully read and understand anything from the Club that comes your way, and kindly respond to requests from the Club regarding certain important events by the deadline specified. Such events are arranged for the benefit of Club Members and include the Player of the Year ballots, the Annual General Meeting and the end of season Club function.

The Club has a large and comprehensive website which is updated periodically to include amended statistics and information. If you haven't seen our site before, or haven't logged on for a while, please take the time to look around. There's enough information to interest anyone associated with this long-running Club. It's all on – info galore and a lot lot more!

Should you have any queries or footballing problems, please feel free to contact any member of the Management Committee who have been elected to serve the Club and help you. On each issue of The Fortune News, you'll find a list of Officers and their contact details.

For team selection matters, including unavailability, injury, travel issues etc, contact the appropriate Team Secretary. For more general TFFC-related issues, such as Club information, membership, the website or social media, contact Nigel Kyte (main Club contact), via the Club email on