Based on making 25 appearances per season, which is a generous assumption given that the average number of matches played by both Temple Fortune M(S)FL teams each season is around the same figure, a player reaching 300 appearances would have to spend at least TWELVE seasons with the Club.

Such dedication and commitment to pull on a yellow jersey, come rain or shine, through good seasons or bad, over such a lengthy period is testimony to loads of undeniable loyalty towards the Club's cause. In the table below are listed the few members of this amazing exclusive band who have achieved this excellent milestone. Having already qualified for being an All-Star, these individuals must have streaks of yellow blood running through the red... they are TFFC Three-Ton Heroes with a capital Aitch, in stature if not weight!

Three hundred appearances... phew! That's a lot of football for one club. Let's look at these three words more closer... THREE HUNDRED APPEARANCES! Three words which do not really do the achievement justice. So, to graphically demonstrate the extent of dedication, commitment and loyalty applying in each case, here we list each one of THE 300 CLUB Members' matches.
1st match (debut for the Club), 2nd match, 3rd match, 4th match, 5th match, 6th match, 7th match, 8th match, 9th match, 10th match, 11th match, 12th match, 13th match, 14th match, 15th match, 16th match, 17th match, 18th match, 19th match, 20th match, 21st match, 22nd match, 23rd match, 24th match, 25th match, 26th match, 27th match, 28th match, 29th match, 30th match, 31st match, 32nd match, 33rd match, 34th match, 35th match, 36th match, 37th match, 38th match, 39th match, 40th match, 41st match, 42nd match, 43rd match, 44th match, 45th match, 46th match, 47th match, 48th match, 49th match, 50th match, 51st match, 52nd match, 53rd match, 54th match, 55th match, 56th match, 57th match, 58th match, 59th match, 60th match, 61st match, 62nd match, 63rd match, 64th match, 65th match, 66th match, 67th match, 68th match, 69th match, 70th match, 71st match, 72nd match, 73rd match, 74th match, 75th match, 76th match, 77th match, 78th match, 79th match, 80th match, 81st match, 82nd match, 83rd match, 84th match, 85th match, 86th match, 87th match, 88th match, 89th match, 90th match, 91st match, 92nd match, 93rd match, 94th match, 95th match, 96th match, 97th match, 98th match, 99th match,
100TH MATCH, 101st match, 102nd match, 103rd match, 104th match, 105th match, 106th match, 107th match, 108th match, 109th match, 110th match, 111th match, 112th match, 113th match, 114th match, 115th match, 116th match, 117th match, 118th match, 119th match, 120th match, 121st match, 122nd match, 123rd match, 124th match, 125th match, 126th match, 127th match, 128th match, 129th match, 130th match, 131st match, 132nd match, 133rd match, 134th match, 135th match, 136th match, 137th match, 138th match, 139th match, 140th match, 141st match, 142nd match, 143rd match, 144th match, 145th match, 146th match, 147th match, 148th match, 149th match, 150th match, 151st match, 152nd match, 153rd match, 154th match, 155th match, 156th match, 157th match, 158th match, 159th match, 160th match, 161st match, 162nd match, 163rd match, 164th match, 165th match, 166th match, 167th match, 168th match, 169th match, 170th match, 171st match, 172nd match, 173rd match, 174th match, 175th match, 176th match, 177th match, 178th match, 179th match, 180th match, 181st match, 182nd match, 183rd match, 184th match, 185th match, 186th match, 187th match, 188th match, 189th match, 190th match, 191st match, 192nd match, 193rd match, 194th match, 195th match, 196th match, 197th match, 198th match, 199th match, 200TH MATCH, 201st match, 202nd match, 203rd match, 204th match, 205th match, 206th match, 207th match, 208th match, 209th match, 210th match, 211th match, 212th match, 213th match, 214th match, 215th match, 216th match, 217th match, 218th match, 219th match, 220th match, 221st match, 222nd match, 223rd match, 224th match, 225th match, 226th match, 227th match, 228th match, 229th match, 230th match, 231st match, 232nd match, 233rd match, 234th match, 235th match, 236th match, 237th match, 238th match, 239th match, 240th match, 241st match, 242nd match, 243rd match, 244th match, 245th match, 246th match, 247th match, 248th match, 249th match, 250th match, 251st match, 252nd match, 253rd match, 254th match, 255th match, 256th match, 257th match, 258th match, 259th match, 260th match, 261st match, 262nd match, 263rd match, 264th match, 265th match, 266th match, 267th match, 268th match, 269th match, 270th match, 271st match, 272nd match, 273rd match, 274th match, 275th match, 276th match, 277th match, 278th match, 279th match, 280th match, 281st match, 282nd match, 283rd match, 284th match, 285th match, 286th match, 287th match, 288th match, 289th match, 290th match, 291st match, 292nd match, 293rd match, 294th match, 295th match, 296th match, 297th match, 298th match, 299th match, 300TH MATCH... and counting!

Apologies if you think this is a bit of a frivilous joke! But those who know just how many Sunday mornings were sacrificed, how many hundreds of miles driven to venues and back, how many hundreds of pounds spent in subs and petrol, how many minutes played, how many defeats endured, how many bad refereeing decisions suffered, will easily appreciate it! Phew! Needless to say, that's a lot of football played for the Temple Fortune Football Club indeed!


Defender/midfield. Ex-Athletico Neasden player, he is Temple Fortune's longest serving member, having passed the magic 500 appearances mark in 2000. Co-Founder back in 1968 and instigated the Second XI's formation in 1979. Was the Club's Treasurer since 1985 and was formerly General Secretary for 15 years.

Defender. Joined Temple Fortune in 1985 from EDRS Stonegrove and won a M(S)FL Div.2 championship medal in his first season, playing in the First XI's midfield in his early days with the Club. He is currently second in the Club's all-time appearances list. Played in the Second XI's 1998-99 promotion season.

Midfield. First played for Temple Fortune in 1988, starting off for the Second Team. Holds the distinction of completing two successive seasons without missing a game for his respective team. Spent six seasons serving on the Committee mainly as Second Team Assistant Secretary.

Forward. Originally joined the Club in 1981, playing mainly for the Seconds before leaving for Marlborough. Returned to the Club in 1985 and won a Div.2 winners medal. Had a spell with Marshside but came back to Fortune again in 1991. First and only member to achieve winning the Chairman's Merit Award four times.

Defender. Joined the Club in 1987 and reached 300 games during the 2001/02 season, with the majority for the Second XI. Was the Second Team Secretary for three consecutive seasons and was in charge when the Seconds reformed in 1997 after a 6-year absence. Moved to the Old Boys XI in 2001/02 before retiring in 2009.

Midfield/Forward. First played for the Club in 1984. Served on the Committee as First Team Assistant Secretary for two years in the late '80s. Won M(S)FL Div.2 winners medal in 1986 and a Div.1 runners-up medal in 1988. Only member to win the Player of the Year and Leading Goalscorers' awards for all three teams..

Forward. A debutant in 1995, Robert played mainly for the Second Team and became the only Temple Fortune player to win four consecutive Player of the Year Awards. He was Second Team Leading Goalscorer a record five seasons in a row. Holds the distinction of being the 2nd XI leading goalscorer with 130 goals.

Goalkeeper. Serge made his debut for the Club in 1996, keeping goal for the First Xi before moving onto the Second XI when it was reformed after a absence of 6 years in 1997/98. Remained a 2nds regular before joining the Old Boys, playing Masters League football. Holds the record for the most appearances as a goalkeeper.

Defender. Allon first joined Temple Fortune in 1987 and played as a striker for the Second Team. On two consecutive occasions – 1987/88 and 1988/89 – he was second highest scorer for the 2nds. Over the years he moved to midfield and then a position at centre-back where he played most of his football for the Old Boys XI.

Defender. Joining Temple Fortune in 1997, Simon was a uncompromising centre back for the First XI who went onto become a prominent team captain. Was Old Boys 'A' XI Secretary for the Club's first venture in Maccabi Masters Division One football in 2008/09 (lasting one season).

Defender. Andy joined the Club in 1995 and played for the Second XI initially. Member of the 2nds team which won the M(S)FL Ron Saunders Trophy in 1999. Was Second XI Secretary for two seasons in 2000/01 and 2001/02 before running the First XI in 2005/06. Moved on to play Masters League football.

Midfield. Graham first played for Temple Fortune in 1996 as a First XI midfielder. Has filled in as an excellent goalkeeper on many occasions over the years. Player of the Year for the Firsts (twice) and Old Boys XI (three times), the only member to have won five Player of the Year awards at the Club.

Defender. After a lengthy playing career at Stamford Hill Old Boys, David joined the Club in 2000 to play for the Old Boys XI in Masters football. Replacing Nick Waitsman, he went on to manage the Old Boys for many seasons. Holds the distinction of winning the Old Boys Clubman of the Year on 10 occasions!

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