Part 6: THE TFFC OFFICIAL HANDBOOK, SEASON 1973/74 – one of the Club's earliest publications

For season 1973/74, several months after the inaugural 'Fortune Review', co-Founder Nigel Kyte, then aged 19, produced a special handbook, which measured 152mm high x 100mmm wide. The twenty-four page one-off publication was typed using an old typewriter in red and black with a few hand drawn graphics and was circulated to players in turn.

Below is featured every page of this unique handbook as double-page spreads, which finally was featured on this website in January 2010, some 37 years after its origination! The TFFC Officlal Handbook 1973/74 is a marvellous piece of historic 'anorack' memorabilia which reveals the state of the Club just a few years before entering Maccabi League football in 1976.

On the front cover, an illustration of a footballer wearing a yellow shirt and red shorts depicted Nigel's original intention of adopting these colours for Temple Fortune, although it was quite a few years later that they were finally worn by a Temple Fortune team (1985 by the First Team). It was this historic handbook which originated the Club's traditional long-standing colours of yellow and red which were proudly worn for over 20 years without a break.