The oldest publication produced by Nigel Kyte for Temple Fortune Football Club was a two-page newsletter entitled 'Fortune Review', dated January 1973. The size was 252mm high x 177mm wide (about halfway between A4 and A5) and both pages were typed at the Kyte family home next to Princes Park in Temple Fortune NW11, using his mother's typewriter.

The one-off newsletter was circulated to players individually who passed it around to each other. The original is in the possession of Nigel at his home in Mill Hill, where many TFFC artifacts and memorabilia are kept.

Of the fixtures included in the newsletter, only two were counted as official friendlies – the matches against Alyth (won 8-1) and Greystoke (lost 8-3). The games against Princes Park Select were small-sided freescoring 'kick-abouts' on the famous 'lower pitch' whilst those against Hendon Library were four-a-side games played at the Hendon Gymnasium which was located within the changing rooms buidling at West Hendon Playing Fields. The game against Hermit Torpedoes (lost 12-0) was played on an ashfelt surface with only seven-a-side and did not count as an official match.

For season 1973/74, a special 24-page one-off official handbook was produced, measuring 152mm high x 100mmm wide. Again this was typed using the same typewriter with a few hand drawn graphics and was circulated to players in turn. The contents included the formation of the Club, the TF Development Fund, a summary of the 1972/73 season, brief profiles of the players, full results, appearances and goalscorers for 1972/73, plus records and even a puzzle and crossword! Indeed, it remains a marvellous piece of Club memorabilia showing a particular pre-League season, an important, long hidden-away publication which anyone interested in Temple Fortune's history will find very interesting reading! Well worth a look, fellow history anoracks!